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22 Aug 09 Online Video Poker Guide

Video Poker is a fun and thrilling game to engage in playing whether you’re playing the game at land based casinos or online. When you play video poker at online casinos you’ll have access to over 40 video poker variants of which several can be multi-hand video poker game variations. Playing video poker online is the same with the same Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and other common variations made available to players such as yourself.

Video Poker Rules

Poker is the one single factor that led to the creation of video poker games. Poker has become so big that not only did many players start taking up the game but software developers started coming up with a poker variation that will not be as complex as the game where it was initially taken from. Thus, came video poker which allows one to enjoy poker without getting too complicated. The reason for this is because players get to play this game on a machine where the object of the game is to get the strongest hand.

The one similarity between video poker and the table game is the hand rankings. After a player makes his bet, the machine starts dealing five card hand to the player. You may choose to keep them or throw away some or all of the cards. There is a button underneath each card that one can click on to select or deselect them. After your choices are finalized, you can then start pressing on Deal/Draw which automatically changes the cards you wanted replaced. If this results to a winning hand, you get a corresponding payout.

There are hand rankings that video poker follows. The top hand would be royal flush and in descending order of rankings, straight flush, 4 of a kind, full house, flush, straight, 3 of a kind, 2 pairs and high pair. What this means to the players is that the higher the hand ranking one had with the game, the higher the payout, too. Royal flush consists of 10, jack, king, queen and ace and suited. Straight flush is similar in concept to the royal flush except that one card from the royal flush is replaced with a lower value. There are more combinations for straight flush so long as they are in order and suited. Four of a kind include 4 of the same value such as 4 queens, 4 threes or 4 aces. This mean the fifth card may be anything. Three of a kind has three cards of the same value while the rest could be any card. Two pairs are any four cards where there are two values. And a pair is, of course, just 2 cards of the same value while the other 3 cards could be anything else.

Many types of video poker around such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Jokers Wild. It will only have few variations. These variations are essentially the same as the rest with some minor differences to make it more interesting and give players the variety they crave for.

Many individuals start to like this game because it is not as complicated nor as long as the regular table game that some other players seem to have mastered. Not everyone may have the patience to play the game or simply doesn’t have the bankroll yet to be able to join tournaments so that video poker is a most welcome alternative. A little excitement wouldn’t hurt.

Video Poker Strategy

Video poker is one of the games that have started to get some attention from many casino players. Although the name poker will most likely get one to start thinking about poker, aside from the hand rankings, that is as far as their similarities can go. But it is sufficient enough to catch players’ attention and start appreciating the game. Understandably, not all players are as patient enough to master the complexities of poker table games considering that, in poker alone, there are several variations that one needs to learn. On top of that, one will have to deal with millions of players all over the world where the best of them is not only limited to a handful but several more poker giants that are still actively playing to this day.

One of the popular variations of video poker is known as Jacks or Better where one can find strategy tables to use. Players should try to analyze their hands carefully before selecting and before rushing through with their decisions. The video poker machine will not rush you into making a decision so take your time even though a strategy table may urge you to take a specific action on a particular hand. Understand that these strategy tables are there as a guide which may give you a higher chance of winning but does not guarantee such.

Once dealt with paying hands, be sure to hold them except when you need to break a hand with less pay should you get at least 4 cards for a royal flush. When dealt with non-paying hands, be sure to check and hold any 4 cards for straight flushes or regular flush, 3 cards for royal flush and low pair from tens or below. You are also better off holding to four cards for a straight or suited high pair. Should you get non-suited jack, queen and king, hold on to that, too. Add a ten to the three face cards, all suited, and you should hold that hand as well. Same strategy applies if you hold a high card, otherwise, try to draw new cards again and see if you get all the combinations or hands that can give you a payout.

Another popular video poker is Deuces Wild which is considered by some to be more exciting than Jacks or Better. When playing this game, there are a few strategies to consider based on the hand dealt. For example, you will be advised to hold four deuces since it cannot be improved any more. In three deuces, you should keep the five of a kind and wild royal flush. If not, just hold on to the deuces. For two deuces, keep the four of a kind or higher or keep four cards for royal flush. In one deuce, retain paying hands except cards to royal flush. Retain four of the cards to straight flush and three to royal flush. There are also basic strategies on no deuces such as retaining paying hands and other hands with corresponding payouts, too.

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