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16 Aug 09 Online Slots – The Stop Spin Feature

Online slot games need to be kept as exciting as possible to hold the interest of even the most dedicated slot players. Luckily for slot players, online casino software providers work hard to bring new features and news games to their players on a regular basis. Slot players should be on the lookout for these special features and choose slot games that incorporate some of the best.

What is the Stop Spin Feature?

One of the exciting features available in some slot games today, is the Stop Spin feature. In regular slot games, players press the button, or pull the virtual handle, the reels spin, and then will slowly come to a stop automatically after some time has passed. The Stop Spin feature, however, allows players some control over when the reels will stop, but still no control over the random results that will occur.

How Does the Stop Spin Feature Work?

Firstly, begin play in the regular way, by pressing the button to begin spinning the reels. Games that offer the Stop Spin feature will immediately switch the regular starting button to a Stop Spin button. Players will then push the Stop Spin button, which will immediately stop the reels from spinning.

Is There an Advantage to Using the Stop Spin Feature?

The Stop Spin feature gives players the opportunity to play more spins in a shorter time, as they do not have to wait for the reels to stop spinning. Many may feel that there is no advantage here since with a house edge of 95%, it means that players will simply lose the expected loss of at least 5% more quickly than they otherwise would lose it.

On the other hand, those players that find they enjoy free spins and bonus rounds more than the basic game will more quickly find out if their spin has triggered these bonus features. More money can be won when using these bonus features than can be won by playing the regular spin and wait slot game.

Let the Slot Player Beware!

Although players will find out more quickly whether they have managed to reach the special bonus rounds they like to play, there are no guarantees that playing the game more quickly will give them any bonus rounds at all. The bonus rounds are only triggered occasionally, and this does not change when using the Stop Spin feature. What may well happen is that players will simply lose their allocated gambling money in a quicker time, and with less enjoyment of the chosen slot game.

Who Should Use this Feature?

For players who are impatient to see the results, the Slot Spin feature may well be the way to go, however, for players who enjoy the anticipation of seeing where the last reel to spin will stop, and what lies in store for their game, should stay as far away as possible from using the Stop Spin feature. In these cases, the player’s enjoyment of the game can be lost if they use the Stop button.

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