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13 Jul 09 Online Roulette

Many online casino and poker websites offer first Deposit bonuses. This is given as an incentive for you to make a deposit and then spend money on their website. There is one flaw with mosth of these as you are required to bet a certain amount to receive this extra money. The next lines will explain how to use this to your advantage and cash out your bonus without risking any of your own money!

You will get a 100% bonus of up to $200 when you make your first deposit. Therefore if you deposit $200, you will receive a $200 bonus whicgh is immediately credited to your account for your gambling pleasure.

The bonus can only be withdrawn as cash into your bank account once you have staked 10x your bonus which in the case of a $200 bonus, would be $2000.

It seems like a lot of money. This casino also doesn’t count bets on red or black towards the 10x stake so therefore I had to think of an alternative way to cash out this bonus without risking my own money. They do however count bets on all the numbers (0-36) in the 10x stake.

Therefore by betting $3 on each number you are betting 37 x $3=$111 each time and losing $3 as each time you are winning 33x$3 back.

If we do this 19 times we will have staked $2000 and only lost 19x$3=$57 of deposit. So by depositing $200 and playing 19 spins in the way I have described above, you will walk away with $343, which is greater than $140 profit for less than 30 minutes work!

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