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07 Jul 09 Online Poker Player Emerges

Online poker players tried to beat the best in the game of poker for so many years. Some of their strategies are miserably failed, and some players leading into bankruptcy. However, it seems that there is still have hope to up their hand in the game. Seemingly unbelievable feat was accomplished last year by a computer. Because of such event Man vs. Machine last August, the technology was proven and capable of beating a human player at the game.

The introduction of the program is seen as another major leap in the development of artificial intelligence that excel in playing games, like the deep blue computer that beat Gary Kasparov at chess during the 90’s.
But, according to Fellows, the main challenge in the development of the deep blue computer is unlike chess where all the moves are predetermined, easier to make and predict the succeeding moves, not just like the cards players there no way to predict of what the other players card and what they will draw next without seeing them.

This program overcame the problem by relying on the idea probability as it is related to the game. They will explained further for such impossible things to know exactly of what card will be drawn from the deck, while the computer can still determine some possibilities of drawing a certain card based on probability factors, such as the card drawn and the cards left. The program is very advanced that will simulate a broad strategy.

However, there are known poker players are not ready to withdraw or leave their position to a machine. The top prized winner of 2007 World Series of Poker, Jerry Yang, expressed his doubts that the machine can ever beat a professional player at the game. According to Yang, the game has too many variables that the computer has no control at all. And there are things that only human senses can analyze.


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