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13 Aug 09 Online Poker Gambling 911

One of most fun loving gaming industry “Judge Laura Swain” of the Southern District of New York was issued about the ruling siding with Costigan Media, the parent company of Gambling911.In her ruling; she was ordered the unsealing of the warrants affidavits associated with the seizure of over $30 million in funds destined for online poker players to be unsealed.

Swain was submitted 14 pages of Costigan into the online poker community. The Government is directed to make a report to the Court. And the status of the relevant was investigated and seizure the activities with in 120 days. The other events with in the seven calendar days of any occurrence that obviates the need for continued redaction.

Joe Brennan, chairman of Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (IMAGE) praised the ruling, stating that Costigan Media was given the same right access that the New York Times and Washington Post sometime receive. The Department of Justice has report back to the Court on a going basis order to determine the remaining information can be released. He further explaining that the attorney’s for Costigan Media can appeal to have the full documents released. Brennan speculated, the more peoples names that are cooperating witness or the targets of investigation.

Dana Conte was obtained the copy of the affidavit by the FBI Special Agent. The seizure of fund was located in a Well Fargo it is the branch of California. The Defendant Account it contains properly that constitutes or is derived from the operation of an illegal gambling business. Since 2006 the affidavit has been tracking “illegal Internet gambling businesses. The target site offer sports betting, casino games and the online poker. Judge Theodore Katz, who when ordered it sealed until further notice.

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