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Online Casinos

At the request of some readers, I have created this section, and present to you like some online casinos before.They are here on a regular basis information on serious and even online unseröse find casinos. Most online casinos that enjoy a high Bekannheitsgrad to have good reviews and are reputable, but there are also some where you had better keep their hands off. I’ll start with the positives, ie, with reputable online casinos.

Reputable Online Casinos

europacasino_250x150The Europa Casino is suited for any player who likes to play poker, want to learn poker rules. Even those who like pure chance, comes with no download online roulette for his pleasure. You too can be relaxed with the most play money casino games to try, without you have to go into the financial risk.
The Europa Casino will provide you with 2,000 Euro play money available. If you want to play for real money, receive a welcome bonus of up to 2,400 euros. All casino games have special terms and conditions.

titancasino_250x150Bonus hunters ausgepaßt. The Online Casino Titan gives you up to 15% on a deposit free money for casino games and a Willkomensbonus of up to 4,000 euros. Here are players who are full of enthusiasm for online blackjack, online craps and online slots at your expense. The progressive jackpot currently stands at more than EUR 3,500,000. Understand the rules of online casino casino titanium are unfortunately not always easy to fulfill. All casino games are also in the German language well explained.The poker rooms here are very well attended.

bellini250x150Casino games in an elegant image. Online Casino Bellini is a specialist in online keno, Asian games, such as Solo and Solo Majong Majong Pro. Anyone interested in live casino games, and yet willingly served by an attractive blonde or a sexy black-haired dealer will, the will can no longer be compelling tension going on.You can increase so much in the casino atmosphere inside, that you almost forget that you play casino games online.

luckydoubleThe most popular casino games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and the Golden Derby horse race betting, there are free as the Flash version CasinoEuro. These must be placed on your computer only Adobe Flash. This is particularly suitable if you do not play on your own computer, but in your office or in an internet cafe. Often it is not welcome there, download it, or it will not know your colleagues or your boss that you gamble online. A player from Sweden Megafurtune cleared at this popular slot machine jackpot in the amount of 3.9 million euros. And that only with a bet of 1 euro! I had gained even more good money, but a jackpot I still have not cracked. Maybe you do it, yes.

betsson2That’s already sports betting, lottery and scratch cards also offers in online casinos, there is already known, but did you know that you can bring the Betsson Casino a little Wall Street on your home PC?The Betsson Casino is the first online casino, where you can also bet on equities. This means you can even win money if the price falls Katie. You need to make only three decisions, and then are set to go:

1. Bet on which index you want to share or what?
2. Which direction will take the stock or index in your opinion?
3. Which term is to have your bet?

The following three types of bets to look for:

1. Want to bet that the stock until maturity exceeds your target price or
2. below the target rate remains or
3. moves within a specified price interval.

Dubious Online Casinos

1agermanyrI recently enddeckt this site here, where with a boldness that is hard to beat, it tries to fool the players. Web name me the German gambling should be made to the visitors seemingly credible, that is the official website of the gambling operations in Germany. Anyone who has needed to use such tricks to win trust from its visitors, who can not be serious. Often the servers are located, where such sites are hosted in countries such as Panama, where nearly everything is allowed and not very controlled. So hands off. Who plays, has own fault!

Regard! Another common case of the Internet!

There is always Vegas, Baby! There you itch? We have the games – visit Euro Dice Stars to an immediate $ 500, – welcome bonus to take delivery!

These and similar unwanted spam e-mails very often land in the Vorweihnachstzeit in our mailboxes. In order to open as many receivers, such e-mails, spammers often use the names of large, reputable and well known online casinos. If you then open the e-mail, but soon you will see that it is a fake. The sender’s e-mail address is usually free mail containing a foreign address and the Web name in these e-mails as the names of reputable online casinos only a few words turn will be hung. How last in my case. Here, the recipient will be so disappointed, that is the Eurodic casino. One of many good faith attempts lousy players suck. So this e-mail immediately and delete your hands off!

Now I can name many examples of this, but I think you all know now that you should be especially careful. Now I come to the beliebstesten and reputable online casinos.