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22 Jul 09 Online Casino Decorum and Protocol

Knowing proper decorum, protocol and code of conduct is very important in what ever organization, administration and even to companies. Here playing online casino has also decorum and protocol that participants must need to know and must be followed as to what types of behavior are expected from them. We hope that this short summary and guidelines will be useful and helpful to everyone’s involved.
1.       Be considerate, courteous and polite to other players. Playing casino online is almost the same with playing land based casino where in proper decorum and etiquette will be observed. You should bear in mind that although you can’t see other players personally, you should still act as civil and well mannered individuals, for you to be treated the same way too. If you want to be respect by other you should respect yourself first. Be kind and thoughtful to others and everything will follow.
2.       Be familiar with the rules and regulations of the game. To be safe you should be acquainted first with the rules and regulations of the game before you play, you can start it by playing online casinos with fake money or free money. In doing so, you will become familiar with the proper system and procedures of the particular game you want to get involved with.
3.       Keep up the speed of the game. Online casino games are much faster and more pleasing and tempting than live games. You should do your best to sustain the speed of the game, do not let other players keep on waiting. Although it is normal to think and to break for a moment but you should see to it that it won’t affects and cause troubles to other players.
4.       Use the chat room appropriately. Chat room is basically built in to have connection and to build relationship with others, provided that individual will observe proper manner in chatting. But if some people prefer to play without any conversation, you should respect their choice also. You should be reminded also that advertising business ventures, criticizing the host site, criticizing players, using poor jokes and using awful words is strictly prohibited in chatting while playing because it can distract other players and it’s not the proper venue to talk with. This is a gaming area so you should concentrate on your game and communicate only if necessary. Avoid using ALL – CAPS, because sometimes it will be misunderstood as impolite and inappropriate for it implies yelling and shouting at them.
5.       Report if there is unlawful and malicious act. You have the right to report and inform the operator of the game if some virtual players are not practicing proper etiquette; this is not only for the interest of the game but as well as for everyone else.
6.       Use universal language when communicating. Use English only for you to be able to communicate with other players, this will helps you understand fully and will helps you keep track of what is going on during the game.
7.       Be responsible. Even though online casino action lacks of much of the protocol and etiquette, you yourself need to be discipline. This is not because you are abiding for the rules and regulation but rather this is for your own good. The peaceful the game is the more you enjoy and can benefit from it. Have cool and pleasurable game.

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