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18 Jul 09 Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat – is one of the most popular card games played in all online casinos or called the blue blood royal of casino card games. It is commonly the same to those played in local or land based casinos. Baccarat is a simple game which consists of two principal bets Player or Banker (Punto or Banco) and rarely used Standoff (Egalite or Tie). This game is frequently played by famous James Bond as choice of game in Fleming’s Novel. Regardless of how many players present, there are only two hands dealt, a card hand for the banker and card hand for the player. In land based casinos baccarat card can be deal with live dealer or even with a player while in online Baccarat cards are dealt automatically by virtual dealer.

Online Baccarat is very popular for gambling big amount of money, usually or frequently played with high stake players, high roller players or high wager players. We can see it mostly played by Hollywood stars in their movies. But it doesn’t mean that only high wager or high stake players can only play; try it online and you will say it’s very simple.

The main goal of this game is to bet the card on hand that will finish a total score of nine also known as natural 9 or even closer to it as possible. If you have 2 cards on hand you should see to it that the card won’t score more than 9 because your total score will be subtracted by 10.

Here is the scoring as card given point values: Aces =1; 2-9 = Face value; 10 and face cards (Jack, Queen and King) = 0. Face cards are not good for you as it will give you a score of zero unlike with the other card game were in face cards given higher value of 10 and aces being the highest value. Example if you have 2 cards dealt which is 6 and 2 that will be (6+2) = 8, that’s a good points very close to the highest points which is 9 or natural 9. But if your cards are 7 and 5 that will be (7+5) = 2. Why? Because (7+5) = 12 will be subtracted by 10 which makes (12-10 = 2) or you could simply remove the first digit which is 1 and the remaining is 2. Same as 8 and 9 will be (8+9) =7.

Now Lets start playing, you may place your bet to whether Banker or Player (Banco or Punto), or Stand off (Egalite or Tie). Right Click on the chip denomination of your choice and place it to your bet. Click to deposit the chip, each additional click will give additional chip to your bet. And now if you are ready to deal click the deal button and watch over the card being dealt. The board on the right will show you the result, you may repeat your last bet if you want, just press same bet button. Good luck on your game and have some fun…

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