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25 Aug 09 Ohio Slots Now Legal For 18 Year-Olds & Up

The current economic crunch sure has every state and local government struggling to find ways and means to generate funds and raise revenue to narrow the gap between their income and expenditure. There is also the problem of the rising rate of unemployment. In the state of Ohio, one measure they have thought of that may help bring in the cash is by making it legal for 18-year olds and above to play the slot machines and allowing the slots to be in operation 24 hours a day. The Ohio Lottery Commission met today and approved the rules.

Permitting the operation of slots at Ohio’s race tracks has been a controversial issue ever since, and many are opposed to the ruling. And today’s decision by the Commission has made the issue more contentious and divisive. Those who are against the measure do not like the idea that people as young as 18 can have easy access to the slot machines anytime they want. They are afraid that it is degrading the morals of the youth by encouraging them to gamble and introducing them to a vice that could be damaging to their future.

The state of Ohio is also trying to make something different from its competing neighboring states in terms of gambling. This measure is not just for locals. One of its aims is to attract people from the surrounding states to travel to Ohio to gamble. Lowering the age requirement also draws in people of that age group from the neighboring states. All this would translate to players spending their money in the state of Ohio, therefore, bringing in revenue to the stressed economy.

Operating the slot machines on a 24-hour basis also gives gamblers longer hours to play and wider choice of hours. And most importantly for the state, it means more jobs, more income, more money to spend, which are all beneficial for the economy.

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