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29 Aug 09 New Video Poker Release Microgaming’s

Microgaming will soon be releasing their usual monthly games release, and this time, players will not only be able to enjoy new slot games, but also a video poker game. The Double Joker Poker Level Up Poker video poker game is sure to be popular upon its release. Double Joker Poker Level Up Poker forms a part of Microgaming’s video poker series of level up poker games. This is the fifth game to be added to this series. The series has already proved to be a popular one, so a new video poker game added to the others is sure to be a success.

As with most other gambling games, the aim of the game is to try and win. Players go from one level to the next when they have secured a win on the current level on which they are playing. Once they have won on one level, they progress to the next higher level. The higher the player manages to progress, the more they will ultimately win.

The new video poker game, Double Joker Poker Level Up Poker, has a total of four different levels. Players who reach the fourth level will have the opportunity to win eight times the amount of their initial bet. Each hand comes with an extra wild card, which helps players to have more chances to win than they have previously had. The extra wild card is an extra joker, hence the name ‘Double Joker.

As players climb their way up the levels, they will get more multiplier rewards for each win, and will have the opportunity to score a total of 32,000 coins. The maximum bet in this game is twenty coins. For those who are having a tough time progressing from one level to the next, there is another surprise waiting for them, the Free Ride Card. The Free Ride Card gives players a free ride up to the next level. Another surprise awaiting players is the random double-your-money gamble feature which gives players an extra 3,200 coins when they pick a card which is of a greater value than the one that they are currently holding. Each hand of the game is played with a fresh deck of cards containing 54 cards, which includes the extra Joker that has a Wild value. One hand of poker is played per level. Double Joker Poker Level Up Poker is to be released at Microgaming-powered online casinos on September 1st, 2009.

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