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08 Aug 09 New Slots from Crypto Logic

Crypto Logic has released four new slot games, which are already being enjoyed by slot lovers in Crypto Logic-powered online casinos. Players can enjoy varied themes, from street fighting, to out of space, the queen of Egypt and can enjoy an interesting sunrise. Players enjoying a bit of action can play Street Fighter IV, which comes with a great introduction, not to be missed, and a bonus game, where players get to choose their favorite Street Fighter. Street Fighter IV comes with its share of scatter symbols, free and enhanced games, wild symbols, and more.

For those who prefer to find themselves hurtling through outer space rather than street fighting on the ground, Area 21 will take you there, where you can spend time with lots of aliens. Along with the outer space theme, this slot game has a blackjack theme, hence the ’21′ of Area 21. The symbols and cards are designed with a futuristic look and feel to them. When players get a blackjack free spin round, they will find themselves up against the alien card player who will deal them a round of blackjack. The results of this blackjack round will be the deciding factor on how many multipliers and free spins the player is awarded. The maximum number of free spins is 25, while the minimum number, awarded when the player loses at the blackjack game, is 10 free spins.

An Egyptian theme has recently shown up in other game releases from other software companies, and can also be enjoyed in Crypto Logic-powered online casinos. Although Cleo Queen of Egypt has similar symbols to other Ancient Egyptian-themed slot games, it is the “world’s first nine-jackpot video game.” When players hit a winning combination, Cleopatra entertains them with an animated dance. The amount of the jackpot won is decided according to the size of the bets placed.

Crypto Logic is presenting their first 243 “all ways” video slot with Savannah Sunrise. All ways slots are unique because there are no pay lines. It is an exciting slot format, in which players select a certain number of reels for the game. When only one reel is chosen, the player has the possibility of winning in three different ways. When all the reels are chosen, players can win in 243 different ways. These new and exciting can be played on the online casino sites.

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