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21 Aug 09 New Blackjack Web Application

A new blackjack web application has been launched recently by All Slots Casino. The blackjack web application works in such a way that players can play in the All Slots Casino while they are visiting a different website.

Users of iGoogle and webmasters will easily be able to add this application to their website pages, while it is still being hosted by All Slots Casino. The blackjack game will be available for instant play. Not only is there no need to download in order to get started, but the blackjack game being offered is also free.

The new blackjack web application game offers a free demo version of the well-loved card game. The game is loaded onto the web page in an iframe, which enables instant play. Once players have finished playing the demo, they have the option to sign up and open an account in order to play for real money with All Slots Casino.

Credits can be bought directly from All Slots Casino through the special web application. This means that players can begin to play the blackjack game for real money without ever leaving the site on which they found the game. No other downloading is necessary, and players can be enjoying their real money blackjack games fairly quickly.

These kind of web applications are an effective tool when it comes to advertising and simply ensuring that potential players are able to see and try out a product. A member of the Jackpot Factory Group, All Slots Casino is using this opportunity to let new players have a fun introduction both to their online casino in particular, and to the online gambling community in general.

David Brickman, Jackpot Factory’s Vice President of Player Affairs, said in a joint statement with All Slots Casino “This application provides new opportunities for players to experience the casino, including those who may not yet be part of the online gambling community.”

In the statement, it was further explained that this web application also gives the All Slots Casino affiliate partners the chance to add value to their own sites by using this “dynamic product of our casino.” Brickman continued “With the increasing popularity of iGoogle, this application lets players make All Slots Casino a part of their regular Internet experience.”

Apart from this exciting new web application, All Slots Casino, which is powered by Microgaming online casino software, offers a full suite of online casino games, promotions, bonuses and more.

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