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02 Sep 09 Nevada citizens call for spending cuts

Each of the fifty two states in the United States has been faced with some difficult decisions this year. This is of course due to the financial crisis and the fact that it has effectively crippled many states because they do not have the same extent of financial resources that they have enjoyed in previous years. It is true that you only realize what you have when it is gone and this is exactly what state governments are going through at the moment and they are finding it very difficult to come to terms with the situation. As a result of the crisis, there have been many states that have had to find new and different ways of generating income for their coffers. Gambling has been one of the most popular activities that the governments have turned to as a way of addressing their financial challenges and this is despite the fact that the voters and some law makers have not always been thrilled with the prospect. This is mainly due to social concerns and that many people have as a result of the gambling past time.

But for the state of Nevada this was not a choice that they could make as it is already known as the home to the world’s most famous gambling center of the city of Las Vegas. So because they already have the measure in place, it is not as if they could suddenly expand gambling. Due to the fact that the manner in which people are able to decide on their discretionary spending has been curtailed as a result of the crisis, the state of Nevada has suffered. For the past months casinos in the city of Las Vegas continue to report the fact that they have suffered revenue drops and they are just not able to make ends meet.

Drops in casino revenues means that the state of Nevada also has less revenues and this is now where the issue has come in. Due to the fact that they are unable to expand gambling there are considerations that they would now have to raise taxes. This is definitely something that the residents of the state of Nevada do not want to see and they have made their opinion clear on the matter. They would prefer to see cuts in spending rather than increased taxation. This means that the gambling operations can go ahead and people don’t have to worry that these would be facing increased taxations levels.

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