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03 Nov 09 More Blackjack tips to improve your game

Challenge_CasinoIt can really help you these more blackjack tips

  1. You must be aware for playing at the Blackjack table that has a minimum of more then 10% of what you are prepared to lose.
  2. One of the useful of Blackjack tip is that is the dealer has a hand of less then 16 he must hit, and he must stay if he has 17 or over, so if the dealer is showing an 8 or higher you should hit on a 17, but if the dealer is showing a low card like a 2, 3 or 4 you should stay because the chances are better the next card out of the shoe will be a high card and the dealer will bust.
  3. The best advantage to the player in Blackjack is the option to double down. This means that you are doubling you bet in exchange for 1 more card. You should only double down if you are very sure that the next card will give you a winning hand, if you have a 10 and you double down and get a 2 you may not take another card. You hand will stay at 12, making it fairly simple for the dealer to win. A good time to double down id if the player has a 10 to the dealers 9 or lower. Also double on a hand of 9 or any soft 13 to 17 against the dealers 4 or 5.
  4. When playing Blackjack if you are dealt 2 cards that are the same number you may split them. This means you can make 2 hand from 1 using the same money you have already bet, this increases the chance of you getting at least 1 winning hand. You should always split aces, but never split face cards tens of fives.
  5. An always helpful tip is to remember to tip the dealer. The dealer makes an hourly wage he does not get a piece of the action, so he does not care if you win or lose, but if you are tipping the dealer, it is in his best interest to look out for your best interests, and if you put his tip in front of the betting circle you are turning his tip into a bet which will double the size of his tip if you win, so by doing this you will get the dealer rooting for you to win.

Good luck with these Blackjack tips. I hope they do as well for you as they have for me.

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