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16 Aug 09 Loyalty Programs and How They Can Help You

There are a few ways in which online casinos make themselves attractive to their players. Obviously, they will provide games that players will want to play, with new game releases to constantly increase the excitement and keep things ‘new.’ Another way that online casinos offer their customers incentives is by bonuses and various types of loyalty bonuses. The most lucrative of these methods for the player are the loyalty programs.

Players should take full advantage of all the benefits offered to them by online casinos. Loyalty programs, as opposed to bonuses, are usually simpler to manage. Players do not have to worry about entering special codes as they may have to do with certain bonuses. Once a player is a member of a loyalty reward program, the online casino software will do all the work to determine how many points are added. Players will not need to make special claims to receive their rewards as they need to do for other bonus schemes.

Loyalty reward programs are very worthwhile because they help players to increase the size of their bankrolls without expecting the player to contribute any specific amounts. The player does, however, need to place wagers at the online casino in order to accumulate points. Different wagers will give the player a different number of comp points, and often the different games that are played will give varying amounts of points.

The way loyalty programs work is that players usually need to accumulate a specific number of points per dollar of playing credit that they will receive. It is important to check how much you will need to wager to make enough comp points to have them turn back into playing credit.

Another point to remember to check is how often the online casino will pay out their credits earned. Often credits are paid out only after a certain amount is accumulated. In some online casinos, players will need to wager a fair amount of money before being able to receive loyalty program credits, which may come due only once a week or once a month. Those loyalty programs that credit players accounts everyday are obviously preferable.

Remember to check how long the casino will carry over the points for. Some online casinos will allow players to continue accumulating points, without them expiring. Other online casinos will stipulate that players who have not received enough comp points to cash them out within, for example, a month, will have their loyalty points set back to zero. Before signing up with a loyalty program, try and estimate whether you will be able to fulfill the requirements, and will in fact receive credits for your points accumulated.

Loyalty programs often give players other rewards, or improve on certain bonuses, such as reload bonuses, that online casinos offer. Players who reach VIP levels are often given more benefits, such as being moved to the top of the list when contacting Customer Services, if there is a waiting time. Often, VIP customers will be paid out with less waiting time when the casino has a waiting period before paying their players their winnings.

As always, read the Terms and Conditions and any other information you may find in order to understand exactly what the loyalty program is about.

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