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New Jersey- economy hurt a lot of casino industry today, the state used to rely heavily on their casino gambling industry. However, the Atlantic City casinos don’t lose hope as what they believe that this was just a challenge for them to encounter, struggling to keep from closing cave to a failing economy in world, most of the casinos around the world hoping for the horizon in the city. Putting up a casino business was like playing “Wheel of Fortune” you gamble in a way wherein you invest and might don’t know what will be the outcome either UP or it can be DOWN. In order to stay intact in casino you must be competitive in many ways, do everything what’s your heart desire to do. Don’t just sit back and try to relax.

Jon Corzine Governor of New Jersey joined the battle for the sports gambling to be legalized in the state. This motivation was a reaction to what Delaware recently did to legalized sports betting. It is serious threat to both casino and the horse racing industries especially entering into the sport wagering and table games in the state of New Jersey . Both of them find ways to stay competitive and remain their power in their hand, they are very hands on in what they have done to make these things possible.

Middle of the legal battle these days is the state of New Jersey they want to try legal battle and overturn a federal law that prohibits sports betting in all but four states. Delaware , Oregon , Nevada , and Montana are all exempt from the law. The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association is at the forefront of the lawsuit, as they are with many gambling related issues in the US . The pro-gambling group is contending that the 1992 law that prohibits sports betting in most states is constitutional.

As the casino made their rapid changes the combined forces also was bigger and better as Corzine joined group with Thoroughbred Breeders Association of New Jersey, they combined their powers together in their lawsuit by the Thoroughbred Breeders Association of New Jersey. We all know that online gambling is a big issue in the US these days. In Illinois , they are checking with the US Department of Justice to see whether or not they can expand their lottery to include online gambling. And here are also included in the group that joining the forces of above stated group, the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, State Senator Raymond Lesniak, IMEGA and the Standard bred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey.

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