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25 Aug 09 Learning to play poker games and deceiving your friends to play about cards

Do you know how to play poker games and deceived the players? If you have seen the Casino Royale, you will be motivated to get inside then play in a high stakes game.  If you’re your friends are not interested to play poker by reading this article they will want to learn how to play poker games get inside the casino and invest their hard-earned money.  They will be motivated for wanting to learn how to play poker then finding out the way to learn to play this game by reading and following these styles of playing then you will becoming a poker celebrity.  These styles or a step in playing a poker is not actually based on the professional player but it is only basic so you could understand it more. After you will learn from reading these steps it’s up to you then on how you apply your newly found skills.  If you will understand the game, you will find out that the instructions are actually quite simple and very clear. 

Although you will find out some multiple variations of the game, that’s one of the difficult things that you will encounter in playing. But to make it short we will be focusing on the most exciting and more appealing form of poker.  These are the things that you need to know on how to play poker and how to bet.  Each player will be bargained with 2 cards facing down.  These two cards are called as the ‘pocket cards’.  Each player holds two cards and once these cards are dealt, betting must start based on the pocket cards that the player holds.  When betting is complete, the dealer set down three community cards on the table, this card is called as the ‘the flop’. Your first hand will be made up of three flop cards plus your two pocket cards. Then next round of betting takes place.  After betting the cards, the dealer will put a fourth card on the table and this card is known as ‘the turn’. Another additional betting will happen before the fifth card is placed down.  The fifth card is called ‘the river’.  In playing this, the target area is to make something the most likely to succeed possible five-card hand from the community cards on the table and the pocket cards that were bargained to the player.

To form their hand, the player can also use both of their pocket cards, one pocket card, or either of their pocket cards.  The player will be called ‘playing the board’ if the five community cards form the player’s best hand. The best result of playing the flat surface would be to divide the pot.  Subsequently each player can also use the same five cards to do their hand.  These are the basic things that you will learn in playing poker games.  If your friends will read this, upon reading it they will find more exciting to play.  You have to understand these things first then you can start the next topic. This topic is all about how to start with understanding the poker hands.

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