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Staying the money intact and keeping those costumers in casino at Ohio is the main problem of the state. They are worried for the expansion gambling in the state that can also affect their revenues, as Ohio players will no longer have to travel to play. Governor Ted Strickland gives an order to the Ohio lottery officials that they need to install some slot machines at state race tracks. Two-thirds of the resident in Ohio was ready to approve four casino licenses. Making their casino better and more interesting is the main goal of the Ohio government.

Pennsylvania gets an extensive gaming business in Ohio but an Ohioans spend almost $1 billion dollars gambling at casinos in neighbor states such as Indiana , West Virginia and Michigan . Moody’s gaming analyst stated that Michigan will hurt the most if the referendum passes, Ohio ’s four largest cities would get full casino gambling, with slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. Other states will examine if what games they might offer to keep Ohio players returning, they have to address not just the needs of the costumer but also to the patrons best deal, in this way they keep their costumers intact to their casino. One of the reasons why costumers do not come back to the casino is due to lack of services, returns on gaming, comp and even uncomfortable surroundings to play.

If this things wont change there is a possibility that casino won’t operate and close, because they cannot provide the needs of their costumers. If they can maintain the good services, returns on gaming, comp and etc. this will give them and A grade, make it top of list, and this will surely keep money at home.

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