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18 Aug 09 Jackpot Winners Tell their Stories

Have you heard one of the jackpot banned ads they will places through online casino. There are giving away a guaranteed about $million jackpot and they wonder if their claims it is true? Well if you want to be like this people. You need to find out the real casinos’ about their jackpot giveaways and you get information by the winner or to read an article or store written by a jackpot winning. If you want to read about a jackpot winner you can check out the following stories.

 Jackpot Stories from Online Slot Winners

If you know this game, this is the most tantalizing casino games of the slot machine. These kinds of game they are promise a huge windfall for an investment just few coins. Do you know about wild claims just be made by casinos that the online slot machines payoff big exaggerated and if can talked to Amanda R. from England who win the biggest jackpot worth over $1.4 million from the online casino It took her 61 pulls and $240 wins this jackpot. But she is not the only person who can hit the large jackpot online for playing online slots. And the others is Heidi B. from Ohio who won $1.2 million from a MicroGamMiing Casino playing the slot machine King Cashalot Progressive Slots.

Jackpot Stories from Online Bingo Winners

One of these games just made the transition from the live action in the internet it is a remarkably well. Everyday it has a thousand of players in bingo games to share their bingo jackpots wins. If you think that online bingo they don’t offer big jackpots just like the bingo halls. You should talk to Jo Collins, she is the mother of three who won a 162,000 pounds sterling jackpot, and it is worth about $275,000 U.S.D for playing online bingo. This is a world’s record she plan they used there money to pay off her mortgage, car, and going on an extended vacation to Australia.

Jackpot Stories from Online Pokers

Anyway there are more a lot of stories were floating around about getting a jackpot winner. Some of those games are like online bingo, and the Online slot machine winners, but the category of the winner stories that has the most highest written is the online poker players. Each year dozen of new millionaires are created by online pokers. Therefore, the players it has a big knowledge about the strategy of the online poker to win unless they get lucky in a large tournament.

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