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India- this place was also known for their largest democracy in the world.  This country also is the second most populous country; it is fourth of the largest purchasing power and with a population of over one billion people, unlike China it has been managed to maintain law and not through autocratic and limiting means. An Indian country is perhaps the world’s best example of pragmatism and while it cannot deny that it definitely has its share of problems, these are no different to those of other emerging market economies and the country truly has done well. The India was moving rapidly as one of the biggest and successful movie business in the world.

The Indian Government wants to ensure the operation that this reputation is kept intact by ensuring that they work as it best to rid the country of criminal elements, as the number if people and the fact that the government definitely does not have an unending stream of resources to carry on to this battle. Just this week successful operation has been announced with the rest of four people in connection with illegal gambling operation. Suspects are alleged to have been running a gambling ring while doing illegal sell state lottery tickets. People think that the lottery ticket they bought was legal they don’t know that vendors were simply pocketing the money they pay.

A lot of gambling activities is very popular in India as a matter of fact there is a quite good level of regulation in the market. There are definitely improvements need to be done to this aspect of the industry, the government is certainly moving in the right direction. This is again in attempts to improve the overall thinking that there is too little regulation in the industry. It is clear that the government has its work cut out for it but there is every hope that the world’s largest democracy will continue to show that it is capable of achieving so much.

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