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03 Aug 09 Illegal Gambling Operators and Owner were Busted, in Florida

Higher levels for illegal gambling operation in America , different country’s around the world and even online casino. During late past week in some part of Florida in Haines City it is the normal agenda for the police to have operations for the illegal gambling to be busted, but have no arrests made. That’s not the real case in Haines City .

The people who run for the illegal gambling operations need to understand that this is a huge risk for them to operate in an illegal way. After the raid in Amos’ Tavern at 200 US Highway 17-92 North, Nine people arrested. Join forces of the Sheriff’s office and the Haines City Police Department together with The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were also involved in raiding. Ernest Amos’ Tavern who is the owner of the establishment was also arrested. He was charge a one count of keeping a gambling house, one count for gambling and another eight counts of possession of electronic gambling machine.

This is a job well done for the police to bust the illegal gambling operators who continue doing illegal unnecessary operations; this might be a lesson for them and for the others. With state legalizing casino gambling, they want to ensure that the money goes to legal casinos, not the illegal one.

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