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25 Aug 09 How to transform from being a beginner to a shark poker card player

Poker is a competition of patience.  You need to have the best one at the table before you can start playing with it.  Losing once, twice or many times, do not easily get discourage because even the world’s best poker players bear hardship downswings.  You have to continue playing it until you will climb out of it. By reading this article you will discover the art of being a good poker player. How are you going to change or transform from perfect beginner to a shark card player?  Well, you must have patience, constant practice and must have a willingness to improve. Before playing poker games, a player must remember that understanding the meaning of each hand is a good area or a portion to start the play.  Always put in mind that a player must begin with a high card and must end with an excellent flush. A player should also find out the hand and set of playing card values before competing against with the instructions from an experienced card player.

Here are some tips that you can apply in order for you to become a good poker player:

First, you have to know the rules of some different poker games.  You can learn or get information of the poker rules from searching in a web or asking from friends who play poker games. 

Second, after doing web research, download an online poker room so that you can practice it by playing for fake money.  Here are some websites that can help you go through like,, and

Third, if you have your own poker room in the net, you may create an account then start playing poker using your free play chips.  You have to give some attention to which hands move gradually to win most often and how frequent certain hands occur. Hide these ad

Fourth, now if you think you can play well the poker game and have understand already the rules and tendencies of most players then you can go to the next steps and start reading on poker strategies.  You can check here some websites like and .

Fifth, practicing playing poker online can make you more reliable in winning with your play chips, if you think you are then you can now start to the next level by giving up money a chance to win in real.  Go to, make a trip or drive yourself to the nearest casino in your place with some low stakes poker. If you don’t have any casino entry in your place you can create real money account on the net.  Go to your favorite online poker room and play on whatever degree you like to.

Sixth, you must have patience, intelligence and discipline in playing poker games in order for you to win your money.  If you have understood the ways and tactics in playing this game, you have to apply it to an actual competition.  Take note that you can be good if you will not experience the real poker games because real money players are better that play money that you are beating on the net with your opponents.

Seventh, a consistent player makes one improve. Most of the shark poker card players acquire their skill from lots of hands of experience. So, to be one of them you must also continue playing poker with more discipline and have an open mind.Show Ads

Eighth, there are lots of references that can help you give information or some tips and tactics about poker games.  Read more books so it will be easy for you to grasp some info about the game.

Ninth, you need to know and learn how to calculate the chances of winning a special hand and you can use this information then apply it when playing and be one of the shark poker player.

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