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Nobody can tell us how some people turn out to be a genius, excellent, proficient within a specific talent such as chess, poker, basketball or guitar. We could theorize about that forever, wonder about where creativity and brilliance come from, but never get anywhere but to a very personal conclusion you can only test by doing it by our self.

On becoming good at something is an entirely different issue. In anything we learn, we first have to learn basic rules. We have to learn about the context of the game, how to play with it and after familiarizing the basic then that’s the time to focus on our skills.

Here are some tips on how to become a better player:

1.       Rule of the game. First you need to learn the specific rules of whatever game it is you want to become proficient in.

2.       Practice, plays as much as possible, you have to practice to get better. Playing with different people will help you a lot and will help you develop your skills by watching or observing their moves especially if you are observing or playing with those who are really excellent in that particular games.

3.       Staying motivated and determined. In order to become good at a particular game you need patience, motivation and strong determination, do not give up early. If it won’t work today then try tomorrow or no matter how long it takes until you successfully achieve your goal.

4.       Explore different styles, moves and tactics. Try to research, or ask some experts do not hesitate to ask for you to be able to learn.

5.       Experiment. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on things, do not afraid to experiment try to discover it by yourself, try to improvise and innovate and don’t forget to put your heart and soul in what ever you make. By doing so it is enjoyable and not stressful.

6.       Once you feel confident try it out live play at casino, or in any actual situation where you can show off your skills. Although it is a little bit nerve racking at first because there are many people looking at you, but remember to still calm and focus on the game. Do not be intimidated by other people watching you be confident, and trust yourself and I’m sure you can make it.

7.       After a few months with the right dedication you should be comfortable playing in most situations.


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