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26 Oct 09 How the Blackjack played?

For all players in the blackjack table it was sat on one half on the table, and the dealers was sitting at the other one.  And for that position the dealer it can keep the all players in sight and far enough from the deck and from the bank chips. It also has a special area in front of each seat designed to place bets. If the games starts, the dealer they will make sure that all players who to place their bets, places them in this area, and only then proceeds with the dealing. And the cards must be dealt either of a shoe holding a number of decks or from a single deck held in a hand or rested on the table. The latter from is more advisable because it makes cheating from the part of the dealer more difficult.

It will precede the dealing in clockwise directions; they will start in the first player, into the dealers left. By each players including the dealer it can receive one card face-up, after which the dealing is repeated and each players can receive also other face-up card, and the dealer receive a face down card, in the end, each players have two face-up cards and the dealer has one face up and one face-down car

Before the games will starts, the dealer they need to ask the first players to his left, if he wants to hit or stand. When the player wants to chooses to hit, they can receives another face-up card and they will ask same question again.  If the players decide to stand, the dealer turns to the player in the clockwise direction. If the busts and earns more than 21 points, he automatically loses and the dealer moves to the next player, collecting his bet.

What is the Object of Blackjack?

You will earn the largest number points but less than 21 that’s the object of the blackjack. The number it was over in 21 it is called a bust. Base on the casino rules, the bust win for the dealer, if the player busts, he loses automatically, even if the dealer busts too. If all the players it already done by their turns, the dealer will turns up his face-down card and play his han

In the casino games, blackjack it is normally on the table’s rules and the dealer will tell when to hit and when to stand, and the dealer they will make any decision, but play their hands according to a fixed scheme. That could not be change into the dealers regarding of the players cards. Actually, the dealer they need to hit in 16 points or less that could be stand at once when he has 17 points or more. Although the best player can get 15 points at the table, and the dealer has 16, and the winning number in a certain point, he must hit and risk busting because the table rules require that.

This type of games must it was played against the dealer and not against others players. If all the players and the dealer they will play by their hands, player’s hands they are not compared to each other but to the dealers hand only and all players whose hands are better the dealers win. It is usually, the players can win even money, it means that they are paid the amount equal to their bet. The only exception here is a natural or blackjack, which is a two-card hand, composed of an ace and a ten-value card. When the will get such hand, he is paid 3 to 2 the amount of his bet. If the players and the dealers have equal values, such situation is called a push. Push is treated differently at different tables, but commonly, the player either wins not loses his money in the case of push, but leaves in the games for the next roound.

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