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10 Aug 09 Holdings Reports Drop in Revenue 888

With what has been widely described as the worst economic recession since World War II, some online casinos and operators are finally hinting that their financial situation may not be quite as rosy as everyone once thought it was. Many people, even those inside the online casino industry have pronounced the business practically immune to financial woes, but more and more that is not the case.

It seems that the online gambling group 888 Holdings plc issued a report just a while back that indicated that with the steep decline in spending by consumers, fewer and fewer people are coming out to gamble and wager at their favorite online casinos. With most national economies slowed down to a depressingly bleak pace, not everyone has the extra cash and disposable income set aside to embark upon hours and hours of gambling fun at their top favorite internet casinos. The revenue numbers for a great many online casino sites has dropped in substantial ways.

Still, everyone has high hopes that if any industry is capable of being highly resilient and able to bounce back in a hurry from this sort of hardship, then it is the casino gambling industry. The future prospects do look pretty positive overall with a forecast sales growth of some 20% or more predicted for the coming year. People are saying that the first quarter will be the lowest most depressing point and it will only improve from there. Let us all hope that is the case so that the casino gambling industry can set itself upright again and make a swift and hardy recovery.

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