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06 Dec 09 High Roller Bonuses

These big punters are commonly referred to as ‘High Rollers’ and not surprisingly, casino operators are anxious to recruit them as members. In order to do so, they have devised a sign-up bonus strategy that caters uniquely to them. High Roller Bonuses operate in much the same way as other welcome bonuses, but the aim is to encourage players to make more substantial deposits to reap the rather substantial bonus rewards. A high roller bonus comes in many shapes and forms, including the match bonus, free spin bonus and free time bonus amongst others. Generally, however, it appears that high roller bonuses require some sort of deposit in order to qualify. This is so that operators can determine membership status based on the size of the deposit. As with other sign-up bonuses, the high roller bonus requires players to download gaming software and register a real-money account. High rollers are then issued with a bonus or coupon code via e-mail, or are required to visit the casino website for the high roller deposit code. They then enter the code at the casino cashier and deposit the pre-determined amount that makes them eligible for the high roller bonus. This amount is usually stipulated on the casinos website. Once the deposited has been affected, the high roller bonus is issued. There are high rollers who choose to utilize these bonuses however, and the most common reason appears to be that they prefer using casino credits whilst navigating through new gaming software. Testing the waters so to speak. For those VIP’s who fall into this category, there are several casinos that offer some really enticing high roller bonuses. Play United Casino offers a £1 000 high roller match deposit bonus, Casino Plex offers a whopping €5 000 high roller incentive and Enter Casino rewards its’ big punters with £1 555 match bonus.

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