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01 Aug 09 Handling and organizing gambling funds and finances

Above all aside from being skilled player managing and handling funds and finances are even more important. To become a successful player you must know the probability and chances of your chosen game, and to chose which bets are better for you. In general you can have a winning or a loosing run in spite of the odds. But you should acquire accurate action to make the most of your winning run and reduce your losing streak. It means if you gamble long enough without planning an appropriate playing strategy, you will end up loosing even when lady luck is smiling on you. Why? Because it is a mathematical reality that if you gamble long enough the house will always wins, and how you manage it will eventually ascertain your success or failure.

Being skilled gamblers includes the proper management of their funds and finances and they have obtained the control essential to manage it accurately when stress takes over and to mask that stress from the opponent. Regardless of how skillful you become when it comes to the technical aspects of your games, you will never be a conventional serious winner unless you understand how to manage your money cleverly. This entails setting up and mounting a significant money management strategy for your chosen games.


Several of the serious faults typically ended when one is having a winning shot. When you realize that you are well ahead you start getting covetous, you will become careless, unfocused and unwise, start doubling up on your bets, start drinking too much and unexpectedly you have a few loosing bets in a row. You will not realize that you double your already doubled bets and loose a few more times. Out of hopelessness, you start betting inconsistently and it isn’t long before your winnings and your original stake has vanished. The next fatal sin is to go and capture some more money from your stake and try to get back your losses immediately. 

Principally after a few drinks, few people are psychologically set to conquer the mental weakness to recover immediately. Cheer up and analyze your game and your original plan and tactics. Learn from your mistakes and never repeat this again. There is a lot of psychology involved in gambling. Where in tricks can turn a loosing hand into a winning hand, the psychology rotate around your mental state and personal control, planning ability and the guts to stick to your plan.

Do not let yourself to be sucked by the excitement of the games especially when you are winning, gluttony is the sucker’s road to depression. It is the casino’s way of conquering a technically skillful player who needs more discipline and mental stiffness to be a conventional winner. Being a conventional winner depends as much or more on an uncompromising mental discipline as it does on physical skill. You must know when to walk away and develop the courage to do it every time. If you are having a captivating progress and determine to increase your bets do so slowly but surely in line with your creative strategy and only when the conditions truly deserve it.


The secret tenet of gambling is to split your funds into two essential accounts – one to cover your must pay bills and living expenses and one for your expendable income. Never gamble with money that is critical to you and never gamble more than you can afford to loose. If you find gambling stressful and traumatic, either fined another game or another form of entertainment or quit gambling to avoid troubles and mental problems. When you’re winning, set aside at least half out of it put it in a separate pocket and leave it there until you quit playing.

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