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Guatemala-fact for all the country’s around the world struggling due to economic crisis these days, but for Guatemala this is not a problem for them instead they have decided that this is the right time for them to put up a huge business in their country such as casino industry, for this business a Seattle developer is the one who is responsible for this project but for the whole details regarding with the owner is still a big question mark. Jim Alekson who worked in the government in Guatemala said that he believes that the casinos will help them with over-all growth of there country Guatemala, and not only that; his main reason that he wants to involved in the government is to raise money not just only for business but also for the various charities who needs help from the government.

Alekson was struck with the agreement of the government in Guatemala for it stated that they need to have six gaming licenses. Alekson agrees to pay twenty-percent of the net gaming revenue to the Guatemala Pediatric Association, as an exchange for the licenses being issued not only the Guatemala Pediatric Association can benefit from the casino but also other charity groups in Guatemala.

As Alekson interviewed by the reporters he said that they are just being set up in order for them take the majority of the profits of some resorts and use them for various government agencies and charities to improve the lives of people in Guatemala. The first time that Alekson visited Guatemala, the very first thing that comes up to his mind is the casino industry, as he spent a lot of time in Guatemala sometimes his time changes and so does his opinion, at last he concluded that it could help make the country prosper if they build a casino.

Having a good output in the business will surely get a nice outcome in the future. They just don’t think for themselves but also for the good of others. In a short period of time this industry in the country of Guatemala will known and this will be listed as one of the prosperous business in casino industry.

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