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11 Aug 09 Gambling speculation and presumption of chances and prospects

Gambling speculation, presumption and theories of chances and prospects have been premeditated, generated, disseminated and propagated by many brilliant academics. Those are purposely very helpful and useful to players and gamblers, especially if those theories and speculation are proven and tested by many players. Here are some of speculation and presumption of some brilliant academics which was applicable and correct.


The most prominent and remarkable of the more recent theory was the MIT Professor by the named Edward Thorpe whose 1960s blackjack thesis “Beat the Dealer” gave blackjack players an edge over the casino. Another is John Nash; a Princeton University Lecturer spent much of his life studying game theory. Also the Australian Branch of Mensa has a group that works at creating theories for intelligent bets. Another is Blaise Pascal formulated the Theory of Probability using dice. His theory stated that when two dice are rolled, the number 7 has the greatest chance of being rolled which is correct. And Albert Einstein experiment with the math’s of probability which is very famous, well-known and commonly used by many players and gamblers nowadays.


The majority of the big winners and successful gamblers were known to be an ordinary working people with ordinary math’s skills who consider their game as entertainment and pleasure hoping that one day Lady Luck will truly smile on them. Whilst you are waiting for the big one, working on the maths may disclose some relevant theory that the rest of us have overlooked! There are many of us who can do the maths, chew and crunch numbers. It is the ability to be the first to see the opportunity and apply it in a unique way that sets a few apart from the many. 

Take note you should gamble for entertainment purposes first to avoid hassle, troubles and discontentment. So that if you win or lost its not stressful and burden to you. Like many others who earn and gain a nice supplemental income from gambling, you also should strictly stick on to your own money management strategy. This way your “entertainment” is self funding and profitable providing funds for luxuries that most of us would have to think twice about. Now if you are not satisfied with your performance and ability of your chosen game try to use math probability or even study those math tricks, explore and read more. If you are one of that fortunate and lucky few, Lady Luck will anoint and smear you for awhile so be careful!

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