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24 Jul 09 Gambling Erroneous Belief

Generally mostly people are gambling for real money, to gain profit or even to win great sum of money and not just for fun only. That’s why gamblers and players will seek out different method and approach on how to win their game. And definitely some of them will rely on gambling fallacy, Gambling Erroneous belief or what you called misleading notion. It is more likely a concept that previous failures indicate increased chances of success on subsequent attempts. Thus sometimes we assume that a certain card or number doesn’t revealed lately will certainly take place in the near future. This is, in fact, the opposite of what actually happens, even on a fair possibility of a successful event, given a set number of iterations.

Like for example on Roulette game, you assume that since the winning bet lately are odd and color red, in the next bet you assume that the winning bet is more likely opposite to it which is even and color black. Or shall I say your losing bet lately will be the winning bet in the next round which is sometimes correct but not all the time, it just your own notion and you should not rely on it or rely on luck. You should need to used or build tactics and strategies to improve your skills in the particular game you involved with.

Relying on Gambling erroneous belief is extremely dangerous, hazardous and perilous to individual especially if you are playing for real money and want to make more of it, because in a true life situation that is more likely inaccurate, inexact and mistaken principle. Although it might be tempting to you to rely on such belief especially if you are not familiar with the game but it would be better to keep away from using this kind of technique. It is very risky, not advisable and not accurate. But rather used mathematical calculation, although its not hundred percent exact but at least more accurate and precise and proven compared to you own beliefs, notion and instincts. But if you are playing for fun, well! You may rely on it for there’s nothing big deal about the money which is not yours especially if you are just playing for free money.

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