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27 Jun 09 Gamblers at the World Series of Poker (WSOP)

(WSOP) responded so enthusiastically to last week’s Stimulus Special tournament that Harrah’s is actually considering adding another such event into the event line-up. The special stimulus promotion boasted a mere $1,000 buy-in to participate and generated a record number of entrants. Land and online casino poker gamblers from all over the world have traveled to Las Vegas for the month-long WSOP events that take over Vegas and completely captivate the attention of poker enthusiasts. Harrah’s Entertainment sponsors the annual WSOP event which is now in its 40th year – Harrah’s reported that there was an amazing show of support from the industry and the event could have easily gone through another day or two of starting dates. As it stands, the Stimulus Special promotion was designed as a way to boost the bank balances of skilled players without requiring a huge buy-in. The low buy-in of $1,000 meant that players of all skill levels felt like they had a chance to compete and win in WSOP events. The other Main Events of the WSOP are highly competitive and feature the best talent that is available from international land and online casinos.

In the forty year history of the WSOP there has never been such a huge field of entrants. Roughly 3,000 players each day entered into the event – that meant that the live tournament had a whopping 6,000 entrants by day two of the special promotion. Harrah’s feels that had the land and casino gambling company known the potential entrant field could have reached as high as 9,000 players the event would have very likely offered three days of entrance.

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