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06 Aug 09 Five Tips to Optimize Your Slots Play

Online slot players are always looking for a way to get an edge on the game. Even though there is no way that anyone can predict what the results will be in any slot game, there are many who argue that the overall game will be better when following certain guidelines. These five tips can help you to get that edge when playing online slots.

Sign-Up With a Few Good Online Casino Sites for Greater Variety

It is always best to be signed up with a few online casinos which offer you different choices. After checking out a few sites, choose a couple that you would be happy to play in, and that will give you a wide selection of slot games. When things are not going your way in one casino, you can cash out and move onto another online casino and try out some of your other favorite choices.

Never Get Stuck on a Single Slot Machine

One of the biggest mistakes made by slot players is that they get too attached to one single slot machine. The odds of winning in slots are not higher if you play on only one machine, since the RNG (Random Number Generator) will generate a totally random spin each time you press the button. Instead of getting bogged down by one slot machine, switch slot machines often. Slot machines do not ‘warm up’ when played for a long time.

Maximum Bet

If you choose to play the maximum bet, you will have the chance to win the jackpot. Without playing the maximum bet, you may end up with the winning symbols, but will not win the jackpot, but a far smaller amount. Since each spin is totally random, you never know when the winning spin will occur.

Keep on the Move

When things seem to be going downhill and your luck is not with you, either stop play for that gaming session, or change what you are doing. You can change things by moving from machine to machine, or to one of the other online casinos you play at. Some suggest that after you have reached two consecutive losses on the same machine that you should already move to another slot machine until you begin to win.

Win and Run!

One of the most important tips that a player can follow is that when you have managed to make a big win when playing online slots, do not throw away your winnings by putting them back in slot machines. Take your winnings and go – do not give the casinos the chance to win back the money you have just won from them!

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