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18 Jul 09 Facts About Gambling

More often you gamble with the primary intent of winning additional money or even wanting a lot of money in a short period of time. Usually you think positively that you will win because you really need it and that will be the solution to your problem. But how about the other part, shall I say how about if you loss? You also need to consider the possibility of losing because basically you might loss and that’s need given importance and not taken for granted.

I recommend that do not merely put your lock on things you are not sure, especially if that is your only choice. Definitely there are more accurate and more promising choices than to gamble without an assurance. Try to take a look at these facts of what gambling really means. 

  • It upholds dangerous practice: That’s what you called reckless speculation, it maybe dangerous and harmful to everyone if there is mismanagement of investment.
  • Its Best customers must be losers. In general its life defends on the losses of many, the more who losses the more money it gets.
  • It takes advantage of the weak and tries to deteriorate the strong. Meaning if you loss you try again to cope up your loses, and if you win you try and try again and bet big amount until such time without knowing you are losing more money than having more.
  • It deprives so many and to reimburse so few.
  • Not good for unwise investors.
  • More often fraudulent and deceitful.
  • Not appropriate and proper for young individual
  • Can’t be trusted as source of living, because there are only few chances to win.
  • Can’t guarantee good education. You should not educate your children to gambling as a promise of education, because not all of us are lucky.
  • It can help you mingle and socialize with different people, but you also need to be careful, watchful and cautious in everything you do.
  • It must be more on fun and pleasure not for investment.
  • Usually a liability not an asset
  • For spare time only and not for a lifetime
  • Commonly causes troubles and problems and not a solutions
  • Typically it is designed to rob money rather than disbursing money.
  • It needs limitation, control, restriction and excellent supervision
  • And lastly it is one of the worst budgeting lessons everyone could ever be taught

 Above all you are responsible for whatever you made, whether it is for the better or whether it is a mistake that needs to be corrected. The decision is still in your hands, everything has a negative result or disadvantages and definitely also have positive result or advantages. All you have to do is to be alert and watchful in your moves. In gambling there are always benefits and also have consequences. You just need to be ready and be responsible enough for whatever the outcome. Just a suggestion, you may do what you feel and what you wanted to do.

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