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An old man was feeling lucky after end up his night winning in the casino. His mind never stops thinking; if what is he going to do with the money after a night of gambling. Usually after you win in the casino you are going to celebrate first, an elderly man had little to celebrate when he robbed after a night of luck after a night of luck at the video poker machine at his local Tavern.

This Sixty year old elderly man was actually playing a video poker machine at a local place somewhere in Sheboygan when he won a nice amount of money. At the place where he played video poker machine there is a twenty sis year old girl who befriended him and he never know what is the intention of the girl or if the girl had a plan with him regarding with the prize he won. The girl offered to walk the man home and after they left together near midnight, an old man was confronted by a twenty year old man who took his cash and beat him up. The young man ran away and the woman also left, the police figured out later that the man is most likely the boyfriend of the twenty sex year old woman.

The names of an old man, the twenty six year woman and her boyfriend have not been released together with the money stolen by the elderly. Cops have obtained a search warrant to the young couple’s home and both have been arrested because of robbery. Conclusion for this: we should never trust anyone especially in a situation like this, because money is evil and anyone can do badly just for money.

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