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30 Aug 09 Delayed Discussion of Frank Bill

The online gambling bills, which have been authored by Barney Frank, look like they will be seeing more delays. Apart from not being completed in the time initially projected for completion of the bill, the online gambling bills have had two major delays.

Frank had said that the bill would advance to the House Financial Services Committee, of which he is chair, soon after Easter. After this deadline was missed, Frank said that the bill would advance some time in July, around the time of Independence Day. At that time, the bill was once again put on the back burner, since crucial issues, such as the national policy debates on repairing the economy and health care needed to take precedence.

The next potential date for the online gambling bill to advance to the House Financial Services Committee has been set for September. At this time, the date has not yet been confirmed, and September is right around the corner. The economy and health care issues have not yet been solved, so it looks like online gambling will be waiting a while longer yet again.

Richard Bryan, from Nevada, is a former United States Senator. Bryan spent twelve years in the Senate as a Democrat. Bryan is now an attorney working in Nevada, and specializes as a gaming attorney. Bryan feels that the magnitude of the national health care programs is such that it is likely to cause the online gambling bill further delays.

Bryan was interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In the interview, he said that it was likely that the debate on the Frank bill will probably not happen at all this year, before the end of 2009. Although things do eventually move forward in Washington, Bryan said that his experience shows that it moves forward at “glacial pace.”

Although the gambling bill is taking a slow path, there is much support for it, with more coming out in support of online gambling all the time. Some might say that the delays have helped since there has been more time for those supporting the bill to step up to the plate and say so.

Bryan also noted that he thought the interest shown in online casinos by certain land-based casinos may help to move things along a little faster, since the land-based casinos have powerful lobbying representatives.

“My sense, however, is that there is a gathering, gradual momentum where, eventually, Internet gaming will occur and be registered,” said Bryan. “I’m just not sure if it has reached critical mass yet.”

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