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Each casino has different highlights in their games either table games, roulette, lottery and etc. But one of there asset is the video poker machines, some places video poker is a high drawn for players to come and visit land casinos. In Montana the casinos have seen a decreasing of players enjoying the video poker games. Some people believe that due to financial economic crisis and players begin to be pickier on the games they play are the reasons why is it video poker game players decreases.

      The amount of costumers playing the machine at The Half Bar in Great Falls has been decreasing. One server commented that people seem to be playing less because they have a limit on how much they are going to spend in that days. They spend their money wisely. In other case, he had only one person playing in the casino. Many workers at the casino are worried about the drop as they could face shorter work hours or see a decrease of tips. The more people playing video poker in the casino, it is better also for the business and the workers. One of their worker commented that she only depends on the tips to survive. If this won’t change the casino will surely close and a lot of people will be going to suffer.

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