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07 Sep 09 Contemporary Tournaments in Golden Casino

Golden Casino Online was holding two major online slot tournaments starting this month of September 2009 to honor and commemorate the contemporary and current occasions. This includes the Labor Day, which is the national holiday and celebration in the United States and next one the opening and the commencement for the National Football League. Golden Casino is powered by Vegas Technology and acknowledges players and gamblers from the United States .

The Labor Day is usually celebrated on the 1st Monday of September allowing Americans to have an extended and prolonged weekend but this year Labor Day will fall on September 7. The Labor Day is not merely a significant for the Americans commerce and industry federation progress but as well as implies and indicate the ending of summer. Accordingly along with the Labor Day parades and other celebrations players can partake and join in the enormous and massive online slots tournament at Golden Casino. This tournament is being described and identified as the Labor Day Long Tournament. It will fall on September 4 and run until September 11, together with the Labor Day weekend diminishing strike in the middle. The competition feels right to the great and immense Prize Pool type of events at Golden Casino, which over the month propose and bid certain and assured prizes of $260,000. The Labor Day Long Week Tournament has the biggest and leading prize pool of the lot which is $100,000. The first place winner will get $35,000 and the top 500 finishers are guaranteed of prizes. The admission fee is only $0.88, but rebuys will cost $20. The selected and voted online slot game is Cherry Blossoms. Cherry Blossoms is a 5 reel and 25 payline video slot game having the name suggested with a Japanese theme. The reels are arrange and place in the background of cherry blossom trees with their brilliant and dazzling pink cherry blossom flowers. The symbols on the reels are conventional Japanese icons in observance with the theme of the slot game. The Geisha is the wild symbol and the Cherry Blossom is the scatter symbol. The other Japanese symbols are Palace, Lantern, Fan and Bell together with value cards from nine to ace which make up the rest of the symbols.

The opening and commencement for the National Football League Standard Term falls on the 10th of September. Tennessee Titans will be rutted in opposition to the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Heinz Field Stadium, the quarters of the Pittsburgh team. The match will start at 8.30 PM ET. The Countdown to the opening of the online tournament will start on September 10 at 10 AM and run till 8.30 PM. These will allow the players to get into the harmonize situation for the first game of the season. The prize pool will be $2009 and the admission fee and rebuys will cost $2.50. Golden Casino has selected a suitable and proper online slot game for this tournament which is the Vegas Technology slot $5 Million Touchdown. The slot game has an American Football theme and the reels are fix in the background of a football pitch. The symbols on the reels present conventional football descriptions escorted by a variety of football players and skimpily dressed cheerleaders. The coin value increase ranges from $0.01 to $10.00 making it ideal for both traditional and hostile tournament play. The slot has an exciting and surprising bonus game on the second screen with the multiplier being equal to the number of winning paylines. At the same time as players are waiting for the Labor Day Week Long tournament to begin, they can partake and join in the September Opening $10,000 online tournament that has already begun and will run until September 4.The chosen online slot game for the Opening of the National Football League is Dynasty

Dynasty is a latest, conventional design, five-reel online slot machine with a total of twenty-five pay lines. The game is themed in an ancient Japanese/Samurai fashion, presenting fine-looking and attractive graphics all the way through. The Dynasty machine has both a Scatter feature, symbolized by the Emperor, and Wild Card feature, symbolized by the Royal Seal. The scatter turns out to be vigorous after three images of the Emperor come up on any active lines, anywhere in the play field. As soon as you hit the scatter, you win ten free spins at the fees of your most current bet. The Royal Seal only comes out on reels 2, 3 and 4 and it will alternate for any image in a winning combination, except for the Emperor. These two events are really exciting, stimulating, and very surprising, and an event you shouldn’t miss.

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