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19 Aug 09 Confidence in Safe Online Casino Gambling is Shaky

There have been a number of scandals recently involving online gambling sites, which range from cheating in online poker rooms to the United States government seizing online gambling accounts.

An online casino operator in Europe has recently conducted a survey regarding the concerns of online gamblers. It seems that the main concern at present is that players are worried about the safety and security of their deposits and winnings at online gambling sites.

Although most of the recent scandals have involved online poker, players across the spectrum of online gambling are concerned, especially since the concerns are not only in connection with cheating scandals, but that their own government (in the US) has attacked what they had considered to be a safe and secure place to deposit their hard-earned money online.

The survey showed that only half of the online gamblers in the US knew of the account seizures of online poker rooms by the US government, while only one third of the players in the United Kingdom were aware that the account seizures had taken place. Of those that had heard of the online gambling account seizures, more than 60 percent of respondents were extremely worried about the safety of the money in their accounts.

Of the online players that indicated that they were aware of the government seizure of accounts, more than 75 percent of US players moved their accounts to other sites, in the hopes of finding online gambling operators that are able to avoid the federal account seizures that have been taking place. These players simply wish to find sites to play in which are safe from their own Department of Justice’s reach. The US Department of Justice does not seem to wish to honor judicial decisions that went against what they had hoped for.

No online casino player wants to deposit money with an online casino if they cannot be sure that their money will be secure during the payment process and that it will be kept in secure accounts. It seems as if the government is trying to make players feel insecure about playing in unregulated online casinos and poker rooms.

The government, and anti-gambling organizations have spent much time telling online gamblers that it is unsafe to gamble online and that their money may not be safe when lodged with online gambling sites. What we are seeing at this time, is in fact, that where there were no problems before, problems have been created by the government itself. Perhaps this is the US government’s way to try and garner support for the possible regulation of these sites in the future.

It seems that the only time that many players will be able to feel safe depositing their money with online gambling sites will be after proper legislation is passed, and the Department of Justice will, therefore, not be allowed to make their own decisions.

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