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10 Aug 10 Playing At Online Casino Is A Great Experience

Great Experience Playing At The Casino

One of the best games popularly played by many people is blackjack. Blackjack is a card game which is particularly known as 21. Adults usually love to play blackjack since they are fond of socialization especially if they are rich one. To play this game it is important to know the basic strategies and techniques. There are effective rules from online right now. And because online provides efficient ideas, lots of people until now prefer to play online. Online blackjack bonus is also one of the attractive factors available for anyone who wants to play.  The bonus offered from online is somewhat bigger than offline casino. That’s the main reason why people still want to go back playing the games online.

There are lots of websites right now offering different techniques just to help those players to win. Though these websites are not real but players still like to play because of the fantastic graphics card.

Mostly people like to choose websites offer highest casino bonus online. We all know that when playing casino it is something to do with money. So, the reason why people want to play gambling casino is to win big amount of cash.  Bonuses offers from your website are your reward on each game. Each game you need to lend your money to your online account. The great thing of playing at online casino is that it offer bigger bonuses and benefits rather than at real casino. Aside from that playing at home is effortless. All you have to do is just clicking your mouse as you move. So, don’t waste your time to offline casino and play at home. But if you are fond of playing offline it’s your decision as long as you are comfortable of what you are playing. Do not just grab the advantages from offline casino because that might you lead you to suffer.

22 Jul 10 Playing Casino Online Is More Advantageous

Casino Game

There are so many ways why people waste their time going to casino and play their favorite games. One of the favorite games people usually played is blackjack. Blackjack game is popular in casino and online as well. Because of the high-technologies that we have now such like the internet, games lover can now play anytime. Online blackjack is now the most famous in online because according to player they can get bigger bonus than at casino rooms.

The game is connected with cards. It’s more advantage because it can less time and effort to the players. The good thing of playing at home is that you don’t have to go to casino and you can simply play while relaxing. All you have to do is just to have your own computer with connection and create or download a casino website. And do not forget your credit card because the payment will be charged there and your bonuses will be place there every time you play a game. Online blackjack bonus is what mostly wants by the players because in online they offer higher than offline casino.

Many have said that if you play at online casino you can get bigger bonuses. Its not just one game it talks about the entire game available. The highest casino bonus offer can be found at online. Most casino website offer big bonuses because they believe that people are now involved with the technology and most of the time they do working with this high tech technology.

One of these technologies is computer which can help people lives more simple and comfortable. So, most of the works right now has a big connection with the computers. Just like online casino which is now available. People will no longer visit to expensive casinos because they can now play at home with high bonuses. You must remember that the more you play at online casino the more you receive bonuses.

18 Jan 10 Online blackjack – Enjoy entertaining blackjack on the internet

blakcjack3-200x140Online blackjack has become a loved online casino title and many players enjoy the traditional 21 game each day. The growth in the popularity of online blackjack has resulted in a growing number of players missing on a visit to their local casino.

Online blackjack players can practice their tactics and strategies to their soul’s pleasure in online casinos. A number of online casinos give players the chance to enjoy blackjack for free. Online blackjack gamers are awarded a set amount of chips with which to wager with. Online casino gamers can then use these chips to practice their online blackjack tactics. Online casino players will not see many bricks-and-mortar casinos allowing gamers enjoy blackjack for free.

Of course, there are a number of other advantages to playing online blackjack more so than its bricks-and-mortar casino variety. These online blackjack titles can be played in the comfort of a gamer’s own living room. There can be a number of distractions in a land-based casino – fellow players, sounds from slot machines and the constant ambient noise of a busy land-based casino. A player has few distractions in online casino blackjack.

There is also a greater selection of online blackjack games available. Online casinos normally own a fantastic selection of online blackjack games – these titles can vary from traditional games of online blackjack to bonus-filled modern games.

Huge cash prizes can be won in the bonus online blackjack titles. There are online blackjack games which give players the opportunity to increase their wager after sneaking a look at the house’s first card and titles which let online casino players the option to win bonus casino prizes for a certain first draw.

Online blackjack games like Power Blackjack offer gamers the chance to split their deal on a fifteen. Games like 21 + 3 also offer players the option to win huge online casino cash. Land-based casinos do not usually give blackjack players these sorts of choices.

Online blackjack is an exceptionally popular online casino title. With so many games to choose from, it’s easy to explain why an increased number of gamers are picking to play online casino blackjack rather than travel to the nearest bricks-and-mortar casino.

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23 Nov 09 Blackjack Dealer Bust Percentages

casino-clubWhile looking at the blackjack dealer bust percentages, remember that these percentages are based only on the times that the house will go bust, without taking into account the times that the player will also go bust in the same round.

The Ace has a 17% bust percentage.
The 10 has a 23% bust percentage.
The 9 has a 23% bust percentage.
The 8 has a 24% bust percentage.
The 7 has a 26% bust percentage.
The 6 has a 42% bust percentage.
The 5 has a 42% bust percentage.
The 4 has a 40% bust percentage.
The 3 has a 37% bust percentage.
The 2 has a 35% bust percentage

In Summary

If you use the bust percentage information wisely, and combine it with basic blackjack strategy, it is a great tool to help you confirm decisions that you would like to make. It is best used to confirm a basic blackjack strategy decision.

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23 Nov 09 Blackjack Strategy- How Dealer Bust Percentage Affect

Europa-CasinoWhat is “Going Bust?”

When a player, or the dealer, goes bust in blackjack, it means that they have reached a total hand value of over 21 points. Players immediately lose the hand when they go bust, and will lose their bet to the house. If the dealer goes bust, and the player did not, the player will win the hand. If both the dealer and the player both go bust, the house will still take the player’s bet.

What is the Dealer’s Bust Percentage?

The dealer bust percentage is the likely percentage showing how often the dealer is likely to go bust when showing specific cards. Although players will only know the dealer’s card that is face-up, they will be able to make an educated choice as to how to proceed with their betting by seeing the dealer’s card, and the two cards they have in their own blackjack hand.

Basic Blackjack Strategy and the Dealer’s Bust Percentages

Basic blackjack strategy is based on simple mathematical principles. By following these basic principles, players are able to substantially reduce the online casino’s house edge. When coupling basic blackjack strategy with information gathered about the dealer’s bust percentage, as well as looking at their own cards, players will have a better idea as to when they should hit, stand, or double down. This helps players to reduce the online casino’s house edge even further, giving them the best chance of coming out as winners.

Most Likely Dealer Bust Card Values

The most likely bust card values that the dealer will hold are the 5, the 6, and the 4. As far as the dealer is concerned, holding one of these cards is the worst kind of hand, since the likelihood of going bust is greater than with other cards. There is a 42% chance of going bust with either the 5 or the 6, and a 40% chance of going bust with the 4. When the dealer shows one of these card values, it is a good time for the player to double down if they are holding a good hand.

Least Likely Dealer Bust Card Values

The least likely bust card values that the dealer will hold are the 9, the 10 and the Ace.

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03 Nov 09 More Blackjack tips to improve your game

Challenge_CasinoIt can really help you these more blackjack tips

  1. You must be aware for playing at the Blackjack table that has a minimum of more then 10% of what you are prepared to lose.
  2. One of the useful of Blackjack tip is that is the dealer has a hand of less then 16 he must hit, and he must stay if he has 17 or over, so if the dealer is showing an 8 or higher you should hit on a 17, but if the dealer is showing a low card like a 2, 3 or 4 you should stay because the chances are better the next card out of the shoe will be a high card and the dealer will bust.
  3. The best advantage to the player in Blackjack is the option to double down. This means that you are doubling you bet in exchange for 1 more card. You should only double down if you are very sure that the next card will give you a winning hand, if you have a 10 and you double down and get a 2 you may not take another card. You hand will stay at 12, making it fairly simple for the dealer to win. A good time to double down id if the player has a 10 to the dealers 9 or lower. Also double on a hand of 9 or any soft 13 to 17 against the dealers 4 or 5.
  4. When playing Blackjack if you are dealt 2 cards that are the same number you may split them. This means you can make 2 hand from 1 using the same money you have already bet, this increases the chance of you getting at least 1 winning hand. You should always split aces, but never split face cards tens of fives.
  5. An always helpful tip is to remember to tip the dealer. The dealer makes an hourly wage he does not get a piece of the action, so he does not care if you win or lose, but if you are tipping the dealer, it is in his best interest to look out for your best interests, and if you put his tip in front of the betting circle you are turning his tip into a bet which will double the size of his tip if you win, so by doing this you will get the dealer rooting for you to win.

Good luck with these Blackjack tips. I hope they do as well for you as they have for me.

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