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Casino Games

Casino Games

American-RouletteLet’s start with the best known and most popular game, namely the roulette. Roulette is a gamble, and all you need is the right Setzstrategie.

Put everything on one number and do not do not waste any time with probabilities and higher mathematics or any magic. Roulette is a game of chance and only chance will decide what number falls. When 5 times hinereinander black comes does not mean that at the 6th Turning red must be achieved. I recommend you the following Setzstrategie:

1) Play only the French roulette. That is the roulette with a NULL. So that you keep the house edge the casino low.
2) You Set 3 equally high amounts of 3 different simple chances. For example, 25 euros on black, 25 odd euros, 25 euros at the field 1-18
3) Use the 25 euro to NULL, and then you’ve still won more than you have used, even if not come easy chances.Also, the NULL will not several times, and then you get paid the 36 – times your bet.
4) When you win, you give the casino to stand up and raise the stakes of announces profit.
5) Play with us First of free roulette, and thus learn the Setzstrategie noticeable until you succeed.


blackjackThe card game Blackjack is also known under 17 and 4 To win you have to reach a leaf, its value comes up as close to 21 points.They may not exceed the 21 also, because then you lose.

The ace counts 11 points. All images, such as King, Queen, Jack, as well as the number 10, has 10 points. This means that you can get a blackjack, already with only 2 cards.

Your prize is in most cases 1 to 1.5. So if you have used 50 euros, you can win 75 euro. Blackjack is easy to learn, and I’ll help you, and you offer here to play for free at blackjack before you want to play for real money.


best_card_gambling_gamesIn poker, there are about 100 different variants, and thus also about 100 different rules. In all variants of the Royal Flush is the highest poker hand and the lowest high card. Poker is well known, compared to the roulette, no gamble, but rather a game of skill, where the skill is an important factor for success. The belibeteste variant Texas Hold’em poker. About poker and poker rules, you can write a whole book of 300 pages. Here you will find more about the Rankfolge of poker hands and rules as the most popular form of poker, or play free poker

Video Poker

videopokerVideo poker is quite banal expressed a mix between poker and the game of slot machines, and it is easier to play than to sit the right poker, where people respect you. You can partially strategies in terms of poker hands take over. Dexterity also plays a role here, but luck plays a bigger role than in normal poker. Learn more about Online Video Poker Strategies


sportwSports betting are becoming increasingly popular, even online.Those familiar with the sport. Good to know what chances of your favorite football team have, which is the favorite horse of the season, the Formula 1 – professionals are likely to first reach the goal. You can achieve low stake is already high profits of more than 100,000 euros. All fans of horse racing can free Golden Derby games. The Golden Derby horse racing developed already for the 2nd Favorites for the undefeated king, the football betting.

Tomb Raider

tomb raider

The Game Tomb Raider is a worldwide phenomenon. Tomb Raider was over 30 Million copies sold, and developed by the casino software provider Microgaming video slot games and can as of now on the golden tiger casino online play.You can have up to 5 coins on each, put the total 1z betting rolls.The maximum profit is 112,500 euros. The graphics are sharp, and it is modeled in the theme of treasure hunting.