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Have you encounter the embarrassing moment of your life?, especially when you are sitting in casino table and play $5 bet, and you never knowing that there is a green table limit sign on the table you are sitting. Well is it time for you to know that the green color stands for $25 bet. Spending a lot of time in casino, need to have a lot of chips to cash them out. Before carrying those chips in casino you should remember that there are corresponding values in each of them. You would have been saved of that humiliation.

Regular players don’t even have to read the sign; they are aware also with the colors that correspond to them and they can come to know the lowest betting value of the table. All casino table games have a small board on the table and most of the table has its own color-code table games signs listing the minimum bet in each game and to match the value of the chip.

These are the UNIVERSAL color-coding of chips and it can NEVER be change:

  • Orange chips also called Pumpkins worth one thousand dollars
  • Purple chips known as Barneys worth five-hundred dollars
  • Black chips are one hundred dollars
  • Green chips also called Quarters worth twenty-five dollars
  • Red known as Nickels are five dollars
  • White or Blue chips are casino-specific but generally worth one dollar

Red and Green chips are the standards in most casinos and mostly stands the same value, all the casinos use this universal color-coding of chips but you might wondering if you across a few casinos which may also change and use different color for the one dollar chips. Some casinos have different policies and rules regarding with color-coding of the chips. The next time you visit a casino, all you have to do is match the color of the chips with the table signs, so that it will become easy for you to recognize the minimum bet for a table in just a quick glance.

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