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Many of the online casinos are offer more bonuses in every players to increase their competitive advantages. There are some bonuses was offered welcome bonus, reload bonus, refer a friend bonus and cash back bonus. And the most common is the cash back bonus. This is because in case of the other bonuses the online casinos can expect further wagering as a requirement of the bonus. Therefore the cash back bonus it was based in the past wagering and usually does not require any future commitment from the player, except for the play through requirements.

The exact way of specifying the bonus was followed by, the cash back bonus is x % of the losses incurred by the player over period, Y, it was subjected into a limit of $ Z. Most of the online casinos X it would be around 10 to 15 %. In fact has no hard and fast rule regarding on this. Y could be a day, a week of a month. And Z is the cap on the bonus and varies from the online casino to online casino. In the simple terms the cash back bonus is a reimbursement of the percentage of the losses incurred by the player over a specified period of time. It is usually the cap in the amount of the losses that are reimbursed. The philosophy is very simple, the players who had made the money will any be happy. For those who had lost the money that will need cheering up. The cash back bonus is a mechanism for doing this.

There are some online casino is offer a regular feature of the cash back bonus. It must be in period specified of a week and the end of the week. When the player has lost their money in the casino he is reimbursed the specified percentage of his losses or the maximum on the bonus, even it is a lower. Some of the online casinos offer the bonus just only for special promotions. But they had ingenious manner in which online casino use the cash back bonus. It also had a limit bonus in case of loss in a certain specified games only. These of games is likely a keno and online slots that’s have higher house edges. The cash bonus on these games somewhat compensates for the higher house edges and draws players to these games. Just for example when you applying the cash back bonus was losses made on a specified week

Mostly of the online casino are not offer cash back bonuses in every player. This offer has made in the higher wagerers through the VIP Club programs. The players in the lower tiers of the VIP Clubs of online casinos they don’t get cash back bonuses. For being a players you must reach the higher wagering levels they are given more benefits, one of which is the cash back bonus. In other online casino have a large number of VIP levels and further differentiation by using the cash back bonus. For those player you must be move in higher levels of the percentage of the cash back bonus is increased or the maximum limit of the cash back bonus is increased. But sometimes when the online casino is really festive mood it offers cash back on wins as well. The players must be given a percent of winning over a specified period as a cash back bonus. This kind of bonus it is a real sense.

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