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30 Aug 09 Brazil wants to block online gambling processes

The country of Brazil is situated in Latin America and is one of the continent’s best examples beautiful people and amazing beaches and scenery. Of course everyone is very familiar as well with the fact that they have the Carnival every year and it seems that as each year goes by there is an even greater amount of intensity and it is quite an incredible show. Sometimes there are many people from foreign countries and they are often overwhelmed by the way in which the costumed dancers carry on during the show. This gives out an impression that the people are the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky types—a country where people go to do things they can’t normally do elsewhere

Despite this fact though, it would seem as if the government of Brazil is worried about online gambling in their country. There are various law makers that have recently introduced bills to the country’s legislature that if they got promulgated would see it becoming illegal for financial services institutions to process any online gambling transactions. This is in the same way that it was done by the United States government with the UIGEA legislation and there are of course many who would question the logic of trying a system that has clearly failed in other places. But those behind these bills are adamant and they want to see them pushed through as soon as possible.

This is not a new bill though and the person behind it has taken a year to get it this far. The process is now at the stage where the bill has reached the Communications and Technology Committee and this organization will now consider whether or not the bill should go any further into the law making process. It would mean that those companies that process these transactions would actually be in a position where they would face criminal charges and penalties if they do engage in the processing of online gambling transactions.

Despite the fact that gambling is illegal in the country, those running online gambling operations simply ignore this state of affairs and it would seem that the Brazilian population is increasingly enjoying the online gambling pastime. It is clear though that there has to be some regulatory frame work in place to ensure the healthy development of this industry—not to prohibit its growth.  

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