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In order to remain intact with the costumers and the casino owner they really need to have different tournaments every weekend or thrice and twice a month; not just land casinos but also for the online casinos. Online players enjoy visiting online casinos playing their favorite games not only that they are also looking for different tournaments in their selected casinos. In this way costumers will be excited to go every week and day in the casino because what they are looking for is the thrill, excitement and making money having a tournament in a casino will surely love them to keep coming back. This weekend a super slot casino is hosting a special blackjack tournament that will sure enjoy the players.

The tournament will be kicking off on the Blackjack Vegas Strip Games admission for the player cost $10 to enter the tournament. Blackjack weekend tournament will be a $5,000. This will begin today and run through Sunday. Tournament players must have $200 in playing money. Every time the player purchase a re-buy they will earn additional $200; players can re-buy during the tournament just add another $10 fee.

Prize pool will be given to the top 110 players of the tournament, third place will receive a $500, for the second placer he will be given a $750 and for the big winner the first placer can take home $ 1,500. For the interested player you can go play and be one of the players at super slot casino online.

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