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24 Jul 09 Betting system

Betting system has 3 different categories: These are the Positive progression betting system, Insurance betting system and Negative progression betting system. Positive progression betting is a bet which increases bet every time you win and does not require higher and large bankroll. This technique is pretty good and popular. While Insurance betting system is a bet that decreases bet each time you lose. It’s not advisable to use this technique for it is far beyond safest to individual. And Negative progression betting system is a bet that increases or boosts your bet every time you lose. It is used largely to reverse the situation especially if you’re losing but it is also risky and requires bigger bankroll.

Examples of Negative Progression betting system are Martingale system and D’Alembert System. Martingale System applies the principle of altering the bet when succeed and aiming at doubling the bet just lost. Using this technique allows you to recover your possible loses but bankroll need to be consider, and you should take note also that there are some casino having house limits and when you reach house limit the credibility and legitimacy of the technique loses also. While D’Alermbert System is similar in principle but much safer than Martingale system, for he raises bet each time he lose and decreases bet each time he wins. Using this technique will allow you to get back your losses by steadily betting higher after losing, while letting you keep most of your winnings by betting a little less each time you win.
Example of Insurance betting system is 1-3-2-6 System is a taken for granted positive progression system which offers insurance by alternating the bets each time and taking away the winnings in an instant. Whereas example of Positive Progression betting are Parlay and Paroli System which increases bet each time you win. Generally players using this technique are aiming for winning probably all the time and can have the chance to enjoy and protect their accumulated winnings. And most importantly this technique does not require higher and bigger bankroll.
Important reminders: Maybe you found this information useful and helpful and but be sure to put this in mind also that none of this are completely steadfast and reliable. That is technique is not perfectly accurate to be used at all times.

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