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27 Jul 09 Best CASINO in New Zealand

Experience the casino in the sky here at the Sky City casino in New Zealand ; this casino is more likely a boutique which is located at the heart of adventure capital in New Zealand position integral to Auckland . There are 5 locations to choose from, AUCKLAND , ADELAIDE , HAMILTON , QUEENSTOWN and DARWIN . This casino has a multi purposes this can be a hotel, not just a hotel but a multi awarded hotel for leisure and fun, the set was astonishing for its tropical beachside garden, a restaurant to dine they served unique and delicious foods and a casino to play and make money; here are the games at Darwin Sky City for there table games they have:

 TWO DICE-UP- the great Aussie game was introduce again at sky city Darwin; objective of the game is to shoot two dice from the hand dice will be marked as tail or head it is similar to the Two-Up instead of throwing coins in the air you will be throwing dice.

POKER-one of the most favorite card games, at the sky city Darwin offers the Omaha and Texas       Hold’em

MONEY WHEELS- easiest game, simply wait the spinning wheel to slow and finally reveals the winning number.

CARRIBEAN STUD- comes from Caribbean plays against the dealer instead of the other player. There are only two beating round.

BLACKJACK-popular table game using the cards, challenge for this game is to decide to stay for the cards you have or ask for another card

 BACCARAT- whose going to win, betting of two hands and watch the game unfold.

ROULETTE- oldest among the casino games, players place their bets and often changing their minds. While the roulette wheel still turning when the sound of the ball slows down that means signal for the result is near. Now it is time for everyone to experience not just fun and excitement always enjoy the sky dive thrill at the sky city casino.

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