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09 Aug 09 Baccarat game

People love to play casino and online casino most of the games they play are the poker, slot, blackjack and so on. Sometimes the usual games they play make them feel boredom.  Casinos are old and so does the games on it. People get old and so does the game in casinos, one of the oldest and known game in casino that I am talking is the BACCARAT game which is also known as punto banco, this game was being introduced from 15h century at France . People in France like the game and in some instances it become more popular, even gamblers love the game too.

At the 20th century Baccarat game was being indulged by US public. During 1550’s after introducing these game in the French public got a new name called Chemin’ de Fer. The game also appeared at Argentina and it was played in the casinos of Mar del Plata . Casinos try to make special tables for this game it is a big difference to other table games because they made it unique, bright and well decorated. And the dealers also look different form the dealers of other table games. As the game get older and more popular there is also another variation came out, they called it MINI-BACCARAT.

 Mini-Baccarat was totally the same with the American Baccarat it is called mini- baccarat because of the table being used. It is smaller than the usual Baccarat table. Its size was the same with the blackjack table. There are 7 players for the mini-baccarat game. A role for the banker is played by the croupier.

The Punto Banco was originated in Cuba at George Raft’s Capri casino. Tommy Renzoni brought the Baccarat game in Las Vegas late 1950’s. The concept of the game was change in Italy during 1480’s from a deck of tarot cards.  Many people wondering how they get the name Baccarat means “zero” in Italian. The first time this game brought to casino. The sands casinos lost 0,000.

 There’s an interesting story behind PUNTO BANCO, this game was appeared long time ago and it is based in the ritual of the nine-Gods in the Etruscan, they are praying on the tiptoes waiting of a blonde virgin for her to throw a nine-sided die, the result of the die was depend on her fate. If she threw any numbers below six, she would walk into the ocean, if it is 6 or 7 the virgin was prohibited in any religious activities, and if it is 8 or 9 was rolled she became the priestess of these gods. The only objective of the game is to predict which of the two hands of Banker or the Player will be closer to having a value of nine.

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