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Casino we all know that this place is very known for fun, games, and entertainment more often this is the best place of different individuals who love to spend more time experiencing the excitement to play games. What makes the casino advantage to the society? We people cannot deny the fact that casino is one of the biggest share in terms of charity works especially helping poor people. Some of them do not know that it is them who give us opportunities dreaming big in the society because of their help we continue moving on strive very hard not just for ourselves but also for the needs of others. I can say that casino had a big impact in these genera these days. Almost 40% we can all benefit there taxes. Without there big amount of taxes maybe we will be suffering from hunger and strike.

      Opposite situation regarding casino, it already stated from its own word meaning GAMBLE in this name we can already imagine the disadvantage matter in casino. This is self explanatory for us. Who gamble? People who are aiming for the big cash outs who was totally discontented with their life status, other are trying to attain social gatherings even if they do not have money but they just trying to pretend they have, even married personality try to come leave their partners at home and met different man or woman, because they thought because of there money they can do whatever they want to do. This infatuation just got started. How much more in the future what will the expectations of others? Can you imagine the generations that will come? We must think all of this. We can never be helpless and we can just leave in the spell of GAMBLE in our whole life, maybe we can do better for the good of others also even in different ways not just gambling in casino. With helping hands and strong faith I can assure that we can all be successful.

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