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28 Jul 09 A CASINO

What is a casino? Where did it come from? What made this casino interesting? This is numbers of questions that people asking at the back of there mind. A casino is a structure of building, built for lots of purposes. This facility accommodates different kinds of activity such as restaurant, hotels, one stop shop for the visitors or shall we say retail shopping also evolving the place, entertainment, stand up comedians, sporting, and concert, even theater will do but the highlight of the casino is no other than a gambling place.

       A casino term was actually a small villa, a casa, house, a pavilion built for leisure and fun. This Italian word was borrowed into English. Instead calling it the gambling house they rapidly change it to casino with an accent. Fact, the very first known casino was established around 1638 in Venice .

     Casino was interesting not just only for winning money, but also with the games that were playing the adrenaline soars with different kinds of exciting game, the entertainment and most of all the social gatherings with the unusual people that they met in the event, different personalities went and mingle with other foreigners. The essence of sportsmanship was there; that’s the most important of all.

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